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  • 2.1 min readPublished On: 2021-12-07

    Brother and Sisters of Los Angeles County Fire Department We hope this letter finds you at peace and ready for the

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  • 1.4 min readPublished On: 2021-11-29

    COMPROMISED FULGENT REGISTRATION & TESTING SYSTEM Los Angeles County Sheriff Villanueva has sent a letter to the Board of Supervisors about

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  • 2 min readPublished On: 2021-11-11

    Fulgent Registration Update ATTENTION LACountyFree members. The LACountyFree Directors board has been having in-depth conversations regarding signing up with Fulgent Genetics,

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  • 1.8 min readPublished On: 2021-01-18

    10/6/21 | We Are 500 Strong Brothers and Sisters! First off, thank you to all who attended the Beverly Hills City

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  • 0.8 min readPublished On: 2021-01-18

    10-5-21 Update | Get Represented We now have well over 400 persons signed up. Get Represented if you haven’t joined us

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  • 0.6 min readPublished On: 2021-01-18

    Do Not File Religious Exemption DO NOT FILE any forms or Religious Exemption! Don’t rush! Things are changing fast and deadlines

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